Rebecca, St Margaret's

I initially went to see Sarah with a foot pain that had developed whilst training for the Edinburgh marathon. Sarah was quick to identify the issue and get me the right treatment. She recognised how important the marathon was to me and quickly got me doing strength exercises to get me back up to speed. I couldn't recommend Sarah highly enough, I always felt like I was in safe hands and was working with someone who got what was important to me. I most certainly wouldn't have got to the start line of the marathon without her let alone manage to run the time I wanted. Will certainly be back if I develop any more injuries!  

Dan, Teddington (40)

I've got the knees of a 30 year old again! Sarah treated my knee following an arthroscopy and ongoing problems that had prevented me from exercising. Her expert taping has transformed the way my knee feels, and from having trouble even going up and down stairs, I can now run, participate in British Military Fitness, ski and I've even been able to return to playing football. Not only has her treatment solved the immediate problem, but as she's taught me how to tape my knee correctly, she's also given me a way of ensuring I can continue exercising comfortably in the future ¬ something I had doubted would ever be possible after surgery 5 years ago. Sarah and her magic tape have genuinely changed my life!

Catherine, Richmond upon Thames

Whilst under Sarah’s care I have found her to be very calm, caring and encouraging, as well as systematic and thorough in her approach. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah as your physiotherapist.

Matt, Teddington

I visited Sarah for diagnosis and treatment of an acute neck pain which was preventing me from free movement and rendering me unable to sleep through the night. She correctly identified the issue through careful examination of the injured area, questioned me about the nature of the pain and about the incident that caused the injury. She undertook a short course of treatment consisting of manipulation, controlled stretches and recommended exercises to remedy the strain which I practised between appointments. After the first appointment my condition had improved considerably and in two subsequent visits my pain decreased from massive discomfort to virtually nothing. Sarah also gave me good advice about posture, pain management and ongoing exercise programmes to combat the possibility of a recurrence. I'm extremely grateful to Sarah for her clear diagnosis, professional approach and sunny good nature, and would thoroughly recommend her as a physiotherapist to anyone in need.

James, St Margaret's

Sarah was very thorough in identifying and resolving the issues I have had. Always friendly and helpful with advice on how I can improve posture and movement to avoid further issues.

Hatty, Teddington

Sarah is just lovely. Kind, calm, thoughtful and sympathetic, she really listens, and is quite genuinely gifted at making you better! She correctly identified the muscular trigger for my chronic (and debilitating) migraine, and just a few sessions with her cured my headaches for over a year. I can't recommend her highly enough. Everyone needs Sarah in their lives!